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   Penis harnesses

   All of our leather Bondage  Penis harnesses are handmade from best quality soft leather and any colour or size can be made just add a note to the payment in the Extra Information box.

   You can have prickers put on the insides of the leather on some of these harnesses , just email me first to check.....


  2 way Penis harness with 3 small buckles for adjustment

                                                       PH1                 £12.00     

Leather colour

  Leather Penis harness 3 way with small press studs.

                                                     PH2               £12.00           

Leather colour


 Steel ring and leather loop with choice of press studs

                                                  PH3                             £10.00    Padlocked caged male with 2 steel rings and small D at the end . Adjustable.

Leather colour


                                                                PH4             £15.00    

Leather colour


Multi strap Pennis harness. Fits around base and then balls and then 5 straps with small buckles go up the shaft. Small end D. Adjustable.

                                                                PH5             £19.00      

Leather colour


 Gates of hell. 2" first ring then size decending steel rings on a leather strap.

                                                               PH6            £12.00      

Leather colour


Lace up cage. Leather with lacing running through to lace him into. Small piece of chain and leather lace attached.

  PH7                      £15.00  

Leather colour

 Ball weight. Leather loop with press studs and chain coming down to a small trigger hook.

                                                                  PH8              £10.00     

Leather colour

 3 loop Penis harness with adjustable press studs.

                                                              PH9                     £15.00    

Leather colour

 1 ring padlocking cage. Adjustable

                                                    PH10                           £15.00    

Leather colour

 Leather loop with press studs and lace up sheath

                                                    PH11                       £15.00       

Leather colour

 Long P harness with steel ring and leather ball loop and small end D.

                                                       PH12                     £18.00      


Leather colour

Male leather parachute with press studs and decorated with small studs and a ring on 3 pieces of chain.

                           PH13                        £19.00

Leather colour


3 strap Penis harness that also splits the balls.Full adjustable with press studs. All edges are stitched.

  PH14                   £14.00

Leather colour

   Ring and leather strap Penis harness with sliding little leather loop to postition it perfectly.

                              PH15                   £12.00

Leather colour

Red patent Multi strap Penis harness , fully adjustable with buckle straps.

                                      PH16                   £19.00

This is an anti erection harness. Adjustable fit.

PH17              £16.00

Leather colour

  We are constantly adding new items to the site , please feel free to email me if you have seen something somewhere else that you would like us to make.

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