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   All of our leather bondage paddles and floggers are handmade using the best quality leather and fittings and most have a small ring at the end. They can be made in any colour leather with any colour fun fur , have a look at the About our leather page for colour choices.

      Go on have a Spanking Good  time !!!


This beautiful handmade flogger is made from soft Tan English leather and the handle is 7.5" long 1.5" diameter  and the tails shown here are 13" long and are round and smooth . 

FL1       £70.00

Tail Length

This flogger has been made in a chocolate brown leather and has rough cut tails shown 20" long.The handle is 10" long and 1.25" diameter wide . 

FL2     £60.00

Tail Length

This flogger is made with a Cherry red leather handle and black rough cut 17" tails.  7" long handle by 1.25" diameter . 

FL3      £55.00

Tail Length
Leather Handle Colour

  This 2 prong tawse in made from best English briddle leather with best fittings. Small ring to hang it from at the top.

                              WH1                           £30.00      


 This 3 prong tawse has a leather lined wooden handle and 3 long leather tails.

                             WH2                      £35.00                    

This fab red leather flogger has a wooden handle that is covered in fine chain and has 9 red leather tails. Ideal size for a lady to hold.

   WH3                     £55.00               

Leather Colour


Shown here in Black and baby pink tails. You can choose the leather colour to replace the pink and the black will stay the same.

WH4                  £30.00                   

Leather colour


Red leather flogger with 9 long tails.Also shown in black

                                          WH5                            £30.00    

         Lovely baby pink leather flogger with 9 long tails.

      WH6                           £30.00               


leather flogger with 9 long leather tails. Shown here in Purple.    WH7                     £30.00  

Leather colour

 Fab black laether SLAVE paddle , all detailing with rivets. Small D for hanging up.

                         WH8                    £30.00       

Leather colour

 BITCH paddle in black leather with rivet detailing.

                      WH9                                               £30.00  

Leather colour

 Black leather paddle with Large flat rivet detailing.

                 WH10                   £28.00     

Leather colour

Black leather paddle with flat rivet detailing.

                 WH11                £28.00   

Leather colour

 Plain  leather paddle

                                               WH11A              £20.00         

Leather colour

 Top quality English briddle leather paddle in brown with wooden shaped handle

                          WH12                    £30.00              

 Best English briddle leather heart shaped paddle with wooden handle.Brown

                                       WH13             £30.00           


 Leather paddle with cow print fun fur on one side and rivet detailing to the handle.

                       WH14              £19.00        

leather Colour
Fun fur


 Leather heart paddle with a tiger fun fur center on one side.

                     WH15                    £19.00       

leather Colour
Fun fur

 Black fun fur and leather paddle, rivet detailing on the handle               

                          WH16                  £25.00              

leather Colour
Fun fur

 Black leather cat paddle with cat eye studs.

                            WH17               £25.00                


 Baby pink leather on side and black the other this fab cat paddle even has cat eye studs. Pick a colour to replace the pink and the back stays black. 

                   WH18           £30.00               

Leather colour
Thread colour

Pink and black leather hand paddle with fingers stitched in for detailing.

                                                    WH19                     £28.00       

 This leather paddle is black leather covered on the outside  with Leopard Print  fun fur and it is 2 separate  pieces joined at the handle so it makes a lovely slapping noise when used! If you choose a colour handle one side will stay black leather for strength . 

    WH20                          £29.00    

Leather colour
Thread colour
Fun Fur

Plain black leather cane 18" lightweight. We don't make this.

                                    WH21                             £12.00           

Black 24" whip with a  hand loop. We don't make this.

                                                WH22                      £10.00           



Plain 28" long whip with loop.We don't make these .

        WH23                  £10.00         

Whip Colour

Pink, black and blue spiral handle. 21.5" long . Nice leather end.  We don't make this.

                                              WH24                      £12.00  


Black whip with a nice wide end and a beautiful sparkle twisted handle.26.5 inches long in total. We don't make this.

                                             WH25                        £13.00                          

  All Heart, Paddle made from leather with a fur heart stitched in on one side and handy leather loop. A nice size for some fun play! Shown here in baby pink with matching fur.

                               WH26            £18.00

leather Colour
Fun fur


Nice lightweight tawse with strong leather handle and 2 long tails with rivets at the end. Ideal as a starter tawse.

                    WH27        £18.00

Leather colour


  This whip sreams quality, it is black with Red patent swirls on the handle on the top pictures and Dark pink patent and black on the lower picture.  Nice wide end.26.5 inches long. We don't make this.

    WH30                  £12.00



Red patent leather  flogger . Eye to hang it  from at the end.

        WH31         £30.00

Leather colour


This deluxe Hand stitched best paddle is made from best quality  English bridle leather and it is 2 pieces stitched together with a metal reinforcing  bar inside along the handle and in the paddle part to keep a good shape after long sessions of play. Craftmanship at its best.....its will only get better with age! Shown in brown leather with brown thread. 

                                         WH32          £55.00

Leather colour
Thread colour

This totally hand stitched paddle is made from best brown English leather and we have stained and creased all the edges. There is a metal support bar in the handle to keep the shape. 8" at the widest point by 14 3/4" long and around 7mm thick. The sizes can vary slightly  with each hide as its handmade. This will only get better with age...... Shown here in Brown and brown thread. 

WH33   £75.00

Leather colour
Thread colour


These lovely feeling floggers are made with wooden 9" long by 1 1/4" handles that are lined with soft leather and have rivet detailing. The suede tails are 21" long .

WH34  £30.00

Suede colour
Handle colour


This stunning hand stitches Tawse is made the same way as the Lochgelly Tawses were. It is stained and creased on all edges and the handle nicely shaped to fit the hand. Made from best English leather.     21" long by 2" wide and the tails are about 3mm and the handle 10mm thick. The sizes may vary slightly as each one is unique due to the natural variation in the leather. This is craftmanship at its best at an unbelievable price you will not better....Shown here in brown leather

WH35      £50.00

Leather colour
Thread colour

These exquisitely hand stitched paddles are a nice size for a lady to hold being 12.5" long and 4.25" wide  they fit nicely into the hand. All edges are stained and creased and totally hand stitched. There is a small support bar inside to keep the shape after long periods of play. This only gets better....

Left to right...London Tan, Havana, Brown.

WH36     £35.00

Leather colour
Thread colour


This fantastic  item is a whip case that can hold a selection of whips or floggers and keep them tidy and make it easy to take them out to play! It has a top side handle to make it easy to carry and we have also added a name plate that we can get engraved with anything up to 12 letter. It will hold up to four 29" long whips or more if thinner and there is elastic 4,14 and 24 inches up so you can secure different sizes.  I can make this any size just email me if you require something different.

Patent leather and Best English brown leather cost an additional £10.00 ,please select from drop down Matt any colour or Patent Black or Red. 

WH37   £65.00

Patent leather
Leather colour
Thread colour
Suede lining
Name 12 letters Max

Baby Pink metallic  look whip, 19" long. We don't make these.

WH38     £12.00


This lovely sounding strap is made from best English leather and the 7" long handle is hand stitched and then the 10" by 2"  strap has all edges stained and creased for a quality look and feel.

WH40     £50.00

Leather colour
Thread colour


   This beautiful  paddle is made from best black  English leather and is fully hand stitched on all edges. Inside the handle we have added a support bar to hold the shape after long periods of play. The cerise pink heart is stitched in and we have padded it to give a lovely shape. 15" long and 4.25" at the widest point.

WH41     £56.00

Leather colour
Thread colour

   Above is a replica of a beautiful Irish style strap, this is quite substantial as its two thick pieces of leather sandwiched together and then it is hand stitched all around and all edges are stained and creased in the traditional way. Lovely shaped handle...this is an item that will only get better with age.  It is 18" long and 1.5" wide and about 8mm thick but these sizes may alter slightly with each leather hide. 

WH42     £75.00 

Leather colour
Thread colour


This beautiful Tawse is made from best English leather and its around 8mm thick (this will vary a little as each leather hide is different) . There is a nice amount of flex in it and will only improve with age. The whole of the Tawse is totally hand stitched so its fantastic quality not often found as this is made with traditional saddler tools and all edges are stained and creased and the thread is pulled through bees wax to prolong its life.

Shown in Dark brown... 2" by 19.5" by 8mm thick but this varies which each leather hide.

WH43              £55.00

Leather colour
Thread colour

This beautiful Tawse is made from best English leather and its around 4mm thick (this will vary a little as each leather hide is different) . There is a nice amount of flex in it and will only improve with age. The handle  of the Tawse is totally hand stitched so its fantastic quality not often found. Stitched unlike many cheaper items that will peel apart with use! These look and feel fab ;) 

WH44     £50.00

Leather colour
Thread colour

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