Create your Master piece !


    All of our hogties are handmade using top quality leather and fittings and all edges are stitched to give you the best in quality and strength.


This is a really useful item. It has 3 strong trigger hooks on leather straps and one strap is slightly longer.

                                      HT1                                  £16.00  

Strong Chain hogtie with 4 strong trigger hooks.

                                      HT2                                 £15.00


Deluxe Hogtie with a line of D's along the strap and each wrist cuff has a trigger hook and padlocks shut.Black leather and stitched in red thread.

                                   HTD3                                       £49.00

  Black leather hogtie with padlocking wrist cuffs and a choice of 4 D's along the strap.

                    HT4                   £40.00


4 trigger hook hogtie ,shown here in baby pink  leather and black leather with red suede. Cuffs not included.

                    HT5                £18.00

Deluxe hogtie with a continuous line of D's. Buckle back collar. Ideal for those of you that already have the wrist cuffs. Shown here in black leather with red stitching.

                                                      HT6         £39.00

Leather colour

   As above deluxe hogtie but this time with the choice of colours, pick a colour from the drop down and this will replace the red sections. The black will stay the same. The stitching will be the opposite colour... wow!

   HT7            £39.00

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