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Privacy and confidenciality

All payments made to: Spankinggood via Paypal

Major credit cards accepted. Card must be registered at billing address.

All payments made in UK Pounds Sterling. 

 Postal Orders and cheques are accepted just send it to me it with a note of the order codes and colour and sizes. , feel free to email me if you're not sure

If sending cash, please ensure that it is sent guaranteed delivery.

Any personal details (such as names, addresses and credit card details) are held solely by Paypal . Information is not sold or passed on to any other companies.

I have choosen paypal as the safest way to pay due to their highly secure site and the increasing amount of people that already have a paypal account. Paypal will altermatically change the currency for you.

Currency: All prices throughout our website and all financial transactions are in British Pounds, UK Sterling, (GBP). If you wish to estimate our prices in your own currency we suggest you try

Please make sure you add your current email address as this is the only way we contact you.