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    I have added this page so it cotains lots of little items that come in useful and are hard to buy elsewhere.

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 2 x 4.75 inch top quality ndouble trigger hooks

                                         AC1                   £6.99   

 2 x 3.5" double trigger hooks and 2 x 2" rings

                                            AC2                    £8.00

 2 large 4.75" double ended trigger hooks and a pack of 4 x 20mm brass padlocks, packing my vary.

                                           AC3              £9.00

 Set of 4 top quality highly polished chrome padlocks 1" wide by 1.5" high. These really finish off an item nicely.

                                      AC4                   £12.00

 Set of 2 wall ties, these are very strong.

                                        AC5              £7.00

 Set of 4 wall ties.

                                     AC6                      £13.00

 Fine chain lead  with trigger hook end and lovely soft leather loop

                                        AC7                  £10.00

 Medium chain lead , slightly heavier chain with soft leather loop

                                       AC8                    £12.00

 Nice chunky chain lead with soft leather loop and strong trigger hook.

                                         AC8                       £14.00


Quick release hooks. These are lovely and strong and have an eye one end to attach to and a hookthe other end that when you slide the middle up lets the hook open. 9cm long in total 3.5 cm wide.

                               AC9                     £8.00

Two 15" pieces of chunky strong chain with trigger hooks at either end.

                                          AC10                        £13.00

Strong chain hogtie with trigger hooks.

                         HT2    £15.00

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