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  Spread em bars !

    Most of the bars are made from 22mm hollow chrome plated pipe so they are nice and strong but not to heavy.

     Any length can be made just email me .


   3 and 6 inch bars with trigger hook ends.

                                                 SB1          £12.00

 25 inch bar with trigger hook ends

                                                 SB2               £18.00

  30 inch bar with trigger hook ends

                                               SB3                   £21.00

 6, 12 , 20 inch bars with trigger hook ends

                                              SB4                       £30.00

25 inch Stock bar. Trigger hooks in the middle and at the end.  Can be worn infront or behind....Shown here with cerise pink cuffs that are not included but can be purchased on the Wrist and ankle page.                                        

                                    SB5                   £25.00         


Doggy bar. 25 inch bar with padlocking wrist and ankle cuffs joined at either end.

                                   SB6                     £40.00

Leather colour

 26 inch bar with leather buckle shut ankle cuffs

                                    SB7                £30.00   

Leather colour

20" hollow chrome 22mm spreader bar with a pair of padlocking ankle cuffs attached. A very useful set. Click the dropdown if a longer bar is required.

                                               SB8                          £35.00

Leather colour
Suede lining
Stitching colour


Extentable black powder coated steal bar, 18 inches upto 30 inches. 2 inch ring attached at either end.

                                     SB9           £30.00

Code placeholder

Leather colour

24 inch long black steal bar with attached metal end plates that then hold the ankle cuffs that padlock shut. This is a top of the range spreader set thats hard to find as they limit ankle movement and keep the distance of the legs apart so that you can't turn the foot in. Shown with Red patent leather cuffs.Padlocks from Accessories page item AC4

I can make these any length just email me .....

   SB10   £45.00

Leather colour

This Chrome plated bar is extendable from 18 - 30 inches and has trigger hooks attached at each end.

SB11   £40.00

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If you would like to pay by cheque or Postal order please email me

Fantastic pictures of the modles taken by  pictures can be bought online direct from there.