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   All of our handmade leather bondage gags are made from best quality leather and have strong nickle plated fittings. They are all fully adjustable for a snug fit. Balls are latex and colours vary.


Solid Ball gag with lined leather straps and buckle back.

                                          BG1                            £19.00        

Leather colour

Ball gag as BG1  but  with clip on 60" total length lined leather reins

                                       BG2                             £27.00            

Leather colour

flexi Bit gag with 4 1/2  inch rubber bit and lined leather buckle straps

                                 BG3                       £19.00        

Leather colour
 Bit gag as BG3 with long clip on Nylon reins

                                   BG4                    £25.00       

Leather colour


  Flat leather head ball gag. D at the top and adjustable buckle straps for a perfect fit.

                                BG5                           £29.00                    

Leather colour

 Head ball gag with fully adjustable buckle straps for a snug fit.

                               BG6                            £25.00         

Leather colour


Pony training bridle with 4.5inch flexi rubber bit and fully adjustable lined  leather straps. More pictures can be seen in the Tack shop section.This picture is of black leather with red lining and red stitching.

                              BG7                           £49.00         


Baby pink leather Ring gag with strong ring and adjustable leather strap.

 BG10       £18.00

Leather colour

This brilliant design is a head harness that will hold a shoe in place as a gag. Fully adjustable around the head and also adjusts to take most shoes. Shoe not included.

BG12                       £25.00

Leather colour


This beuatifully handmade leather gag is made in a lovely shape with a strong D ring on the front. The inside is lined in rubber for comfort. Ths bite section inside is hand rolled best English leather that you bite doen on so it can be worn for long periods without the jaw aching. The back of the straps are also padded to cover the buckle area.

Shown here in cerise pink . The colour you choose will replace the pink and the black parts will stay black.

BG13                          £45.00

Leather colour

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