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   We are a small UK based family business that hand makes all of our 450+ leather bondage/fetish  products for the top end of the trade and are now offering them to the public to buy at trade prices. We make a large selection of leather fetish and BDSM products for you to buy. Male leather bondage/fetish items and female leather bondage/fetish items are all handmade and can be made to measure for a bespoke fit for you to buy.

    All of our products are made from best quality leather and fittings. Nearly all of our products are lined with either leather or suede and all edges are stitched to give you the best in quality and strength.


   As we make to order this gives you the unique chance to have any item made in any size or colour with any type of lining, plain leather , black suede or one of our fun furs.

    See if you can come up with something special, email me any ideas or pictures of anything you would like us to work with you to make.


Spanking Good!..



                     I submit because I want to.
                     Not because he forces it.

                     I trust because I always have.
                     Not because he's earned it.

                     I kneel because I'm safe there.
                     Not because he pushed me there.

                    I obey because it makes me feel happy
                    and accomplished.
                    Not because its his will.

                     I lower my eyes because I feel no threat.
                     Not because I am inferior.


Bondage for beginners.......
Many people wonder about bondage but have no idea what it involves. Here's our beginner's guide to get you started safely.

How it works
   A simple definition of bondage is that it restricts someone's movement. Many people have tried a bit of "tie and tease" and found it to be an exciting way to spice up their love life.
The most important aspect of bondage games is trust, because one of the partners is restricted and therefore vulnerable. You must be able to trust one another completely; otherwise these kinds of games should never be played. The active partner (or 'top') should never use the session purely to fulfil their own fantasies in a selfish way, they should also think about the pleasure of the restrained partner ('passive partner' or 'bottom').

Read more on the Beginners Bondage page.

     In order to ensure customer privacy, we do not contact our customers to confirm receipt of orders unless it becomes absolutely necessary. However, if you would like us to acknowledge your order and give you and approximate delivery date, please indicate this by sending a separate email.

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